Why NextHome? Being a “NextHomie” means you bleed orange, put others above yourself, and deeply care about the buying and selling experience. We’re creating a professional, collaborative, community-based organization that cares about people. We’ve achieved this by being selective about who joins our company. For us, agent count is never a measure of success. The result is a nationwide network of NextHomies who truly want to help and see each other succeed. It’s a culture and mindset that simply doesn’t exist elsewhere.

We are solely focused on the needs of the home buyer and seller. When something is commonly requested, we implement it and make it a minimum standard across our whole company. Our bed/bath/parking sign rider is a great example. Sellers want the key features of their home advertised on the yard sign, and buyers want to know the property details when driving by. Our orange Frenchie mascot Luke is another example. A cutout of him sits next to our yard signs attracting attention, and we provide a stuffed version of him to our clients and their children. Our brand truly creates an emotional connection with our clients. It’s an experience unique to our company.

I look forward to working with you and creating a positive and memorable home buying or home selling experience!

Your Realtor,



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